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Cournol is a GTK+ based application for analyzing absolute supply monopolies and polypolies. The program calculates the most important information of such market types (e. g. maximum profit) and draws the respective graphs.

The name of the program is derived from the French economist, philosopher and mathematician "Antoine Augustin Cournot", and the suffix "-ol" of the German words "Monopol" (English: monopoly), as well as "Polypol" (English: polypoly).

The icon of cournol shows Cournot's face.

Cournol is released under the terms of the GPL.


Source code:
Latest source
cournol-0.5.tar.gz (~368.6kB)

Debian GNU/Linux package:
Install it with apt-get install cournol on Debian unstable/testing or get the package directly from here.
Alejandro Garrido Mota maintains this package.

Windows installer version (incl. GTK+ libraries):
cournol-0.4-setup.exe (~3.6MB)

Windows .exe (without GTK+ libraries):
cournol-0.4.exe (~103kB)

Cournol depends on GTK+ >= 2.10.0, so you have to install the appropriate library and development packages. The Windows installer version already contains the needed libraries.

Cournol also depends on the GtkDatabox library by Dr. Roland Bock. It is already included in the Windows versions.


2008-03-15 (0.5)
- removed gtkdatabox from cournol
- cleaned up the code

2007-08-18 (0.4)
- added an Inno Setup script
- cleaned up the code

2007-05-31 (
- updated README
- added a man page

2007-05-30 (0.3.1)
- updated German translation

2007-05-28 (0.3)
- added polypoly support
- changed structure of the whole code

2007-04-24 (0.2)
- improved printing support
- upgraded to gtkdatabox-

research paper

Cournol was developed for my "Facharbeit" (research paper) in "Wirtschaft und Recht" (economics and law). The title reads "Das Angebotsmonopol - Eine besondere Marktsituation, dargestellt mit Hilfe eines PC-Programms". You can download the paper as a PDF file (German only).

Grade: 14 out of 15 points attainable


The Windows version of cournol was compiled within the MinGW Developer Studio for Windows. The necessary libraries and header files for Windows can be found in the Glade development package or on Tor Lillqvist's GTK+ for Windows page. In the MinGW Developer Studio, under "Edit -> Options... -> Directories" the GTK+ library and include directories can be added.
Read this great tutorial written by professor Allin Cottrell, if you want to obtain some more information about building GTK+ applications for the Windows operating system.

Inno Setup was used in order to create the Windows installer version of cournol. My Inno Setup script for cournol can be found under scripts/cournol.iss in the sources.

For writing man pages, I recommend this part of the GNU automake documentation, this tutorial by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, and last but not least "man 7 man".


See the program in action.

screenshot of cournol



Copyright (C) (2008) (Fabian Förg) <>